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Hello dear friend!

I want to offer this service to you who want to establish a safe nature connection and be in the wild with no or little experience.

You can camp out in a safe and peaceful scenic place where you can also dine outdoors protected from the elements, go hiking or even embark on a canoe on a beautiful little wilderness lake – all with a professional and friendly guide – me!

Put your tent up on a platform on top of a big rock, so you are above the environment and a bit like “on an island”. I will help you in everything you need, such as help setting up the tent. You will get great outdooring tips so you will be that much more experienced the next time!

There is a spacious lean-to where you can dine and stay, too. There is also a dry toilet at the location.

I will be your guide with a good knowledge of the region, and I am also said to be a good listener. I know some cool and exciting places just a short distance away, so if you are into mysterious caves or magnificient boulders formed by the last Ice Age, I am your man! And, there’s of course the whole Finnish nature in all its beauty!

The site is located on a scenic spot in Rautalampi, which is a very short distance away from ​​the Southern Konnevesi National Park (about 800 meters as the crow flies) and only about 5 km away along the road to the national park parking lot and the park’s routes.

The service is available to you all year round according to your order. Minimum duration 1 day (overnight).

You do not need any outdooring experience, but it that’s ok too, if you have it! So, welcome to the Forest Castle!

Ask for more: forestbathingfinland@elisanet.fi

Most cordially, Mikko / Forest Bathing Finland
Nature & Wilderness Guide, Entrepreneur


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